[Ffmpeg-devel] make test fails

Dana Hudes dhudes
Tue Oct 3 15:33:02 CEST 2006

Stefan Gehrer wrote:
> Dana Hudes wrote:
>> Reporting that make test fails is not a usage question.  It is a 
>> tentative bug report and there is no other mailing list for ffmpeg.
> This list is called ffmpeg-devel.
> Quoting ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/mailinglists.html:
> After you have a good bug report, subscribe to and email the 
> ffmpeg-user list.

I don't know what you're looking at but the page you reference says:

    If you find a problem with FFmpeg, you can submit a report to the 
ffmpeg-devel mailing list 
<http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-devel>. Before 
reporting a bug, please consider the following items:

    Be sure that you are using the latest SVN version of FFmpeg. The 
FFmpeg project is constantly evolving and does not make formal releases 
very often. The latest     release is likely to be very out of date. Use 
the very latest SVN version of FFmpeg or your report is likely to be 

I am therefore following instructions by submitting the bug report 
(regression test failure) to the appropriate mailing list specified by 
the lead developers. I would appreciate if people don't give me abuse 
for following instructions. furthremore, this sort of report is 
typically sent to mailig list of developers. That is the case with e.g. 
postgresql. With Perl, there is a separate perl-porters list to keep 
discussion of new language features and release progress out of the way 
of porting issues. Speaking of which, I'm able to offer at least 
build+regression  testing on Sun SPARC solaris 8/9/10 using gcc (the 
sunfreeware version of gcc3.x for 8; for  9 and 10, the Sun cooltools 
gcc4) on Ultra II,III+,IV and Niagra chipset machines including the new 
T2000 (Niagra 4 cpu 8 core), a SunFire v490 (4 dual core Ultra IV 
1500MHZ), and a SunFire 15K (8 cpu Ultra III+). Whether I will 
contribute anything substantive to the project beyond QA remains to be 
seen. I don't know that anyone is really keen on a steganography 
addition but that might be amusing to write; I'd have to do some digging 
in the literature. I know that a professor in the computer engineering 
dept. at Stevens Institute of Technology is working on motion 
compression I have to see who is involved and what they're up to (if any 
readers of this list are one of the students working on that speak up) 
and it might be possible to bring that work in if its not already here.

Oh as for your wikiepedia article, that's nice. Have you ever read 
Spaf's netequitte FAQ? It predates Wikipedia by at least 10 years.

>> top-posting is a question of style. The list has no FAQ and the intro 
>> says nothing of the preferred style of the list owner.
> I guess that is true, but on a mailing list you are usually safer when
> replying inline.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-posting
> Regards
> Stefan Gehrer
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