[Ffmpeg-devel] make test fails

Dana Hudes dhudes
Tue Oct 3 16:18:34 CEST 2006

Stefan Gehrer wrote:
> Dana Hudes wrote:
>> Stefan Gehrer wrote:
>>> Dana Hudes wrote:
>>>> Reporting that make test fails is not a usage question.  It is a 
>>>> tentative bug report and there is no other mailing list for ffmpeg.
>>> This list is called ffmpeg-devel.
>>> Quoting ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/mailinglists.html:
>>> After you have a good bug report, subscribe to and email the 
>>> ffmpeg-user list.
>> I don't know what you're looking at but the page you reference says:
> No it does not. You are quoting from bugreports.html, I referenced 
> mailinglists.html.
> Seems like those two pages contradict each other about where to send 
> bug reports. 3

I see the text you mention. I also think you're really rude. I'm not a 
clueless newbie to the world. I'm a UNIX admin of 20 years experience, 
an experienced C programmer since 1983 and have written lots and lots of 
varied code for money and fun. I have a temper and I can get impatient 
but really, I try to google things and to see what is going on but 
ffmpeg doesn't do the stable vs. development release or indeed any sort 
of organized release. Whether or not I want the hottest new features, I 
have to take the latest SVN version.  I see no point in trying to 
integrate ffmpeg with anything or try to contribute anything until I get 
a good build that passes its tests. Now, it may well be that the code is 
good and the test is broken. I'm not sufficiently familiar with the code 
or the guts of the algorithms to say. I probably have to figure out what 
the test is doing and see if there's some other tool on this or another 
platform to which i have access that can do the same. That would 
validate the input data at least.

Just because you make some contribution to the project does not give you 
license to abuse people who try to submit complete bug reports. I mean 
really! I don't just come and say "it doesn't work please help". I give 
as much information as I can about my environment and what i am doing so 
that one has a possibility to reproduce the bug. Have YOU tried the 
regression tests on the latest SVN version? If so, please so state and 
show your environment and what you did to configure. If not, then stop 
spewing abuse at me and run the test yourself using either your options 
or mine.

It is probably a good idea to consider putting up either bugzilla or 
mantis or using the sourceforge bug tracking system.
That can be set to go to whoever or a list, as appropriate.  The DBD::Pg 
module team set their bug reports to go to their developer mailing list. 
Larger projects have separate mailing lists for that.

> Regards
> Stefan Gehrer
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