[Ffmpeg-devel] unknown format of mpeg4 stream

Erik Slagter erik
Tue Oct 3 18:17:46 CEST 2006

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>>> After, you can still force input format with -f.
>>> For that file, ffmpeg -f m4v -i mpeg4_dump.mp4 will force raw mpeg4 video.
>>> The file is playable with no artefacts it seems, decoder spits errors
>>> though.
>> Thanks for the quick reply,
>> Is this file not behaving as a normal m4v stream ?
>> Or where can a patch be applied that this file would be recognized by ffmpeg?
> AVInputFormat m4v_demuxer = {
>     "m4v",
>     "raw MPEG4 video format",
>     0,
>     NULL /*mpegvideo_probe*/,     <------------- implement this
>     video_read_header,
>     raw_read_partial_packet,
>     raw_read_close,
>     .extensions = "m4v", //FIXME remove after writing mpeg4_probe
>     .value = CODEC_ID_MPEG4,
> };

Or less desirable but also way less effort ;-): name your file
mpeg4_dump.m4v instead of mp4. "mp4" is the commonly used extension for
mp4 containers, which is a completely different thing.
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