[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Advocating periodic releases

Tim Allen tim
Fri Oct 6 07:13:41 CEST 2006

Dana Hudes wrote:
> I am willing to give a go at project managing ffmpeg and doing releases. 
> Somewhere along the way, I hope to also be able to make Solaris SPARC 
> (sorry, I don't have any x86 Solaris systems) packages available. Part 
> of the release thing is not only making sure that the thing builds and 
> passes its regression tests but I'd really appreciate help on the QA 
> side in assessing the adequacy of the tests. I can, I think, get some 
> automated code-coverage metrics measuring tools going (if this were 
> Perl, I'd know exactly where to go for them but its been a while since I 
> did such on C code).

Excellent. I hope you have thick skin, because while the contributors to 
this project may not have decided to spend their time on release 
management, you can be sure they have firm ideas on the way it should be 
done properly and will let you know if you don't meet their expectations 

One concept you'd better get the hang of fairly quickly is top-posting 
and why it's unpopular ;).

> I think we need a separate discussion list for the release / test issues 
> so that interested parties are not flooded with discussions of patches. 
> I would ask that any developer contributing actual code participate in 
> the release discussion somewhat.
> As for the vehicle for all this, sourceforge would seem the right place.

That choice is bound to be controversial - the project left sourceforge 
some time ago due to dissatisfaction with the quality of its facilities. 
I would have thought there would be room within the existing mplayerhq 
infrastructure for this.


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