[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug? Flash 2 pass encoding breaks after 10 seconds

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Oct 6 19:44:02 CEST 2006


On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 04:59:49PM +0200, Robert Zufall wrote:
> Hi,
> I read that you guys want bugs posted here. I think this is a bug. I already posted this to the ffmpeg-user list, but nobody replied.
> Newest FFMPEG version from the SVN on a linux machine.
> I try to encode Flashvideo (FLV). it work for the first pass, but the 2nd pass is strange:
> after 10 seconds in the video the quality is the same as in the first pass.
> Examples (I would like to upload samples via ftp like it says on the page "Reporting a Bug To The FFmpeg Project" but the ftp-server ist not anonymous...)

it is

> http://www.thirdrail.de/pi-1pass.flv
> http://www.thirdrail.de/pi-2pass.flv
> http://www.thirdrail.de/log_file-0.log
> look at the very start at the small letters and you can see a great quality difference, but after 10 seconds everthing is the same.
> can anybody help me please?

1. use higher bitrate
2. finetune encoding options (something like -mbd 2 -g 300 -flags trell+mv4
   -cmp satd -subcmp satd)

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