[Ffmpeg-devel] Release process/project/effort

Dana Hudes dhudes
Fri Oct 6 21:34:39 CEST 2006

I think the very first resource we need is a separate mailing list. 
ffmpeg-devel is a wonderfully busy place and I think that we need to not 
add to the volume and also not get buried in patches though lately the 
former is more the problem.

I personally am not ready to advocate any particular bug tracking system 
and I agree with the individual who noted that its a separate issue from 
releases. Having a bug tracking system in place allows bugs against 
release as well as against latest svn or what have you to all be tracked.

I would also like very much to end the discussion of svn vs. cvs vs. 
git. Developers on this project already use svn. Therefore, whether one 
repository or two, releases will also use svn. If someone doesn't like 
this,  set up your own revision control repository import everything and 
announce to the world if you like. I'm the person volunteering to manage 
releases and I'm going to use svn to do it.

Discussion of the particular CM process for releases....well, on the one 
hand I welcome input on the other I'm the one volunteering to do the 
releases. If someone else would like to volunteer in my place or to work 
with me (its always nice to have at least 2 so if one is sick/on 
vacation/unavailable the other can fill in) that's great and that 
individual should contact me off-list to coordinate/discuss arrangements.

People who simply wish to mock, throw rocks etc. are requested to 
refrain. My life is too busy for flame wars and I will try to refrain 
from rude remarks in response.

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