[Ffmpeg-devel] trouble with multiple headers with the same name

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik
Sun Oct 8 23:07:15 CEST 2006


There are two headers with the same name: libavutil/internal.h and
libavcodec/internal.h. I don't know if this is an issue with FFmpeg's or
MPlayer's buildsystem yet, but even though av_tempfile is declared in
libavcodec/internal.h and both xvidff.c and xvid_rc.c include "internal.h",
the one from libavutil instead of the one from current dir gets used,
resulting in:

xvidff.c:232: warning: implicit declaration of function ?av_tempfile?
xvid_rc.c:43: warning: implicit declaration of function ?av_tempfile?

Hopefully somebody can make some sense out of this. A quick and simple
solution could be to move av_tempfile from libavcodec/utils.c to libavutil/.


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