[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Apropos LRINTF

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Mon Oct 16 15:07:41 CEST 2006

Michel Bardiaux wrote:
> No, this is not "again a thread about lrintf missing"!
> Because I need an ultra-super-hyper-optimized rounding function for some 
> app (specifically, julian date calculations), I had a look at how lrintf 
> was supplied and used in ffmpeg. Some things had me puzzled.
> The man page for lrintf says "These  functions round their argument to 
> the nearest integer value, using the current rounding direction". The 
> inline for mingw uses fistpl, which will do just that. Then why is there 
> a comment " better than nothing implementation."?
> Also, this implies that the "current rounding direction" is set, but 
> there is no call (nor stub) to fesetround anywhere. It looks like the 
> intent is rounding towards zero, 

On 2nd thought, more like rounding towards nearest indeed. Where the 
rounding direction enters into it is far from clear.

> but then why is the naive C 
> implementation "(int)(x + (x < 0 ? -0.5 : 0.5)" branded as incorrect?
> Why is lrintf used at all, instead of round or trunc? 

Only round would do.

> An application 
> using lavc could call fesetround and completely mess up the codecs, no?
> TIA,

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