[Ffmpeg-devel] Installation - /tmp

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Wed Oct 18 00:20:09 CEST 2006

David S. wrote:

> I'm trying to configure ffmpeg, and I'm receiving the following
> error: "Unable to create and execute files in /tmp.  Set the TMPDIR
> environment variable to another directory."
> I've checked permissions and i've checked to make sure tmp is not
> mounted with noexec, neither of these are the issues... any ideas?

Are you able to create files in /tmp with other programs (say, via
'touch /tmp/test')?

Is there any free space on the drive on which /tmp is located?

If so, if you copy an existing executable file (say, a shell script
consisting of 'echo Success') to /tmp after successfully running it
elsewhere, can you still execute it from there?

None of these have much to do with FFmpeg, and from the state of my
brain at the moment they may not be terribly useful, but they're at
least something I'd want to look at if I received the same error.

       The Wanderer

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