[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] watermark.c improvement when using images as input

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Fri Oct 20 15:16:09 CEST 2006

Mihail Stoyanov skrev:
> This patch optimizes watermark.c when using images as input. It will check if the current pixel RGB (of the input image) is equal to the threshold before doing any other calculations, thus skipping useless itterations.
> Original watermark.c
> -> Convert time: 00:31
> Patched watermark.c
> -> Convert time: 00:26
> It's not a HUGE improvement but still it gives like 15%+ boost when working with huge sources (width 720+) and very small watermark images
> Here's the patch


Good. Watermark.c is probably one of the last programs on earth to get a 
heart attach from stress.

Have you tested how much slower is it to process a watermark with only 
non-#808080 colors compared to one completely #808080?

Patches need to be attached to avoid problems, not pasted into the mail.

Best regards,

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