[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] watermark.c improvement when using imagesas input

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Oct 20 17:16:27 CEST 2006


On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 05:22:35PM +0300, Mihail Stoyanov wrote:
> Quoting development policy doesn't impress me.

i see

> Try to convert a video using the original watermark.c and my patched 
> watermark.c and you will get the exact (bit-to-bit) result. With one major 
> difference - my fix makes work faster.

yes, and you could do it another 2x faster but thats not the point
there are some rules and everyone has to follow them, if you dissagree
with any rules you can always ask why they exist or suggest some alternative
rules, or you can of course fork ffmpeg and try to maintain it, review
patches apply and reject them as you see fit though without a similar cosmetic
rule you will first receive patches which change the indention of your code
at random (you dont sound like you would accept them would you?)
and secondary you will receive patches which reindent a page of code with
2 small changes in the middle (these you cant review as you will not find
these 2 changes)

> Applying my patch over the original source code is up to you.

no, the pre commit check script would reject the patch due to the tabs
i would first have to kill that script ...

> Still if you don't - then it's obvious you don't care about the end user 

that isnt true, if i apply patches which mix cosmetic changes and functional
ones (=ones i cannot review) then the end user will have his system hacked
into in no time as i would not be able to notice any security issues in
patches (just try to find a &0 in an end of array check in a 10page
reindention mixed with various unrelated changes)
also code has the tendency to become quite buggy if patches are applied just
by checking the speed

> and the cpu time wasted by ffmpeg's watermark pointless itterations, just 
> because they weren't written cpu-wise by their author.
> P.S.
> quoting "Rational Thinking for Newbies":
> "8. Respect everyones job - especially when it's free"

i do respect your work, its just that you either follow the rules like
everyone else does or your patch will not be applied

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