[Ffmpeg-devel] pip.c - PiP (Picture in Picture) v1.0 patch.Remake of watermark.c

Mihail Stoyanov screamer
Mon Oct 23 17:54:17 CEST 2006

It looks like my life doesn't depend if it's going to be accepted or not, 
don't you think?
Let me quote Michael Niedermayer:
"if you do not split the patch it will not be applied, though you can
certainly post future versions here if you like maybe some users will
find them usefull ..."

This what i am doing - posting it for those who find it useful.

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patch.Remake of watermark.c
> This is not going to help its chances of getting accepted.  There is no
> way around our policy now and there won't be a way around it in the
> future.
> If you wish to see your patches accepted, split them into small parts
> that are self-contained and easy to review.
> Diego
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