[Ffmpeg-devel] MP3 decoding from RTP stream. Getting "invalid new backstep"

marthi at graphics.cs.uni-sb.de marthi
Wed Oct 25 18:58:45 CEST 2006


I'm using ffmpeg to encode MP3 data transmit it over RTP and decode it.
If I start the RTP sender before the receiver I get warnings on the
decoder side from the ffmpeg library (only at the very beginning):

backstep:452, lastbuf:0
invalid new backstep 381
overread, skip -5 enddists: -4 -4
overread, skip -9 enddists: -1 -1
invalid new backstep 382

The sound is distorted as well (just for 1 second or so). Is it somehow
possible to tell the AVParser or the decoder to discard the frames that
leads to the distortion?


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