[Ffmpeg-devel] VP6.2?

Rob ffmpeg
Sun Oct 29 02:41:38 CET 2006

wow interesting... I just played around with the Flix 8 Engine for Linux.

So the way it works is that they use a modified version of mencoder and 
the ffmpeg's libav to decode a file; then they sent the raw decoded data 
to their own propriety flixd (deamon) server for encoding it into a flv 
with VP62 codec and LameMP3 audio.

Just strange, they are free to use all sorts of opensource tools as part 
of their product: they clearly use the open source movement's hardwork 
on mencoder to 'get through the codec hell'... IMHO the decoding part is 
quite hard since you'll have to deal with a zillion codecs and container 
formats without wanted to crash a serverside running engine like Flix... 
and then, the actual encoding of the decoded raw data into a FLV with 
VP62 codec is well... not the hardest part. As we all have seen because 
March this year the libvp62 was around for a while.

I really hop somebody is going to do a clean room implementation of the 
VP62 encoder especially now that there is a clean room designed 
decoder... this would change the quality of free web video dramatically.

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