[Ffmpeg-devel] [BUG] FLV demuxer: seeking broken

Ismail Donmez ismail
Sun Oct 29 22:10:54 CET 2006

29 Eki 2006 Paz 23:05 tarihinde, Ismail Donmez ?unlar? yazm??t?: 
> 21 Eki 2006 Cts 21:04 tarihinde, Hondo Lane ?unlar? yazm??t?:
> > Seeking with the FLV demuxer doesn't work anymore. The breakage appeared
> > around svn revision 6340.
> I tried reverting back to r6285 which is the revision FLV seeking is
> introduced and it mostly fails with "error while seeking" and sometimes
> works. So this is not a regression imho.
> I am CC'in original author in case he has some more info

Grr Kmail managed f*ck the email, CC'ing correctly now


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