[Ffmpeg-devel] Merge video and audio

Nico Sabbi nsabbi
Mon Oct 30 10:09:45 CET 2006

Aaron Williams wrote:

>You might try looking at mplex in the mjpeg tools.  This tool is
>designed exactly for the purpose you require and hence the code might be
>easier to understand. 
not really: it's much larger and somehow obscure in many places.
On the other side the mpeg muxer in libavformat is much smaller
and pretty good quality

> This is in no way a putdown of ffmpeg, since
>mplex is like a screwdriver whereas ffmpeg is like a Swiss Army knife
>and entire toolbox combined.  Though I might add that I had much better
>luck combining files with mplex than ffmpeg since ffmpeg had a lot of
>problems maintaining A-V synchronization. 
with plain elementary streams as input none of the two can
generate a different output
The lavf muxer in mplayer is pretty simple to use as a base

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