[Ffmpeg-devel] Format bug or ffmpeg bug ?

Anders Moden ffmpeg
Tue Oct 31 09:15:57 CET 2006

>>> The frame rate is set to 100 fps and I get a load of errors parsing the file.
>>The transport stream is fine.  The mpeg4 elementary stream is broken, but plays OK
>>after a few initial error messages.  What generated that file?
>It an AXIS 221 camera. The stream is taken from an rtsp session. The problem is that ffmpeg has large difficulties in coping with the errors as well as detecting the correct framerate. Apple QuickTime can render the image, vlc can play it correct and mplayer draws it correct with many errors but with correct framerate. FFMPeg render ok but get "hickups" where a lot of blocky artefacts get visible and the fps is detected to 100 fps wich is wrong. Should be about 30 fps. 

I can see that in VLC the ffmpeg libs also detects errors but the framerate is detected ok. Has there been any changes lately to the fps "detection" algo ?

/Anders Mod?n 

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