[Ffmpeg-devel] thp audio decoder

Marco Gerards mgerards
Tue Apr 3 11:58:16 CEST 2007

Kislyakov Maxim <spidy at vpti.vladimir.ru> writes:

> Hi all, i still encountering problems with the sound decoding, it
> seems that everything ok, also i dump all sound in raw PCM, but i get
> unincredible number of noise, which makes hardly to hear sound. May be
> someone have encountered similar problems before and could help me to
> understand what is the problem could be.

Someone reported a problem with one of my patches for THP and ADPCM,
perhaps he encountered the same problem as you did.  The speakers of
my development box are of very poor quality, I will test my
implementation on another box.  When I got it all fixed, I could have
a look at your patch to see what is wrong there.


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