[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Bethsoft VID demuxer and decoder

Nicholas T ntung
Wed Apr 4 20:39:00 CEST 2007


   Thanks for your responses.

   I noticed that when I click the window in ffplay, it says "error
while seeking." This happens with other sample files as well...with a
segafilm sample file, like mine, it freezes on the current frame; with
a wmv sample file, it usually keeps playing, but sometimes freezes
near the end. Is it supposed to pause the video? the wmv file did
successfully seek to the beginning when I pressed the left arrow key.

   As for the audio, I tried setting the pts, but it made no
difference. Am I supposed to give it some blank code if there is no
more data? It happens that the audio matches up in all of the sample
files without further adjustment, but I don't think this is assumed by
the format specification.

On 4/3/07, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
> if you dont have a lot of time now how do we know that you have a lot
> of time for the actual SOC?
Is this a rhetorical question? I will not be in school...if I get into
SOC I will not be doing anything else.

> > The heap is better for large
> > allocations?
> yes
done, though my memory allocation looks a bit clunky...maybe there's
something I can simplify?

if(vidbuf_nbytes + BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE > vidbuf_capacity)
    vidbuf_start = av_realloc(vidbuf_start, vidbuf_capacity +=
    if(!vidbuf_start) { return AVERROR_NOMEM; }

> i dont know how i can be more specific than "overflowing multiplication"
> integer overflow followed by writing to unallocated memory
okay, Mr. Melanson explained this as well (thanks to both of you), I
guess I wasn't thinking of malicious files...great point. Hopefully
this patch will fix that.

> > okay, all  linesizes < width  now fail, as that's rather meaningless.
> its not meaningless, the image can be flipped and data[0] can point to
> the last line
How is the image flipped? Is that for negative linesize? And for
linesize less than the width, am I supposed to truncate lines?

> AV_RB24()*4 does
oh yeah...that was stupid, sorry.

> it does have AVStream which has AVCodecContext which has width/height
okay, now using s->streams[0]->codec->width, and height

> i dont think doxygen supports comments before loops
I know, but the comment is a different color in my editor and easier
to see :) fixed

> significantly too complex for a rle decoder
Perhaps this is an illusion of my using comments and long variable
names? If you look at Konstantine's Autodesk RLE decoder (aasc.c),
it's 39 lines with a macro, whereas mine is 30 lines (not counting
comments, whitespace, and lines with only a brace). Nothing against
Konstantine...I'm sure that decoder has justification, but mine really
isn't that complex. What would you suggest to simplify it? It's a bit
of a pain dealing with the linesize and width.

> whats that nested struct good for?
it looked better in a struct when I had a lot of excess variables. I
removed it now.

> the demux context belongs into the demuxer
> the decode context belongs into the decoder
right, moved out of header file. Also removed excess avctx in codec context.

> breaks ABI
I should put bethsoftvid after thp? Thp was just added.

> > +    BVID_DemuxContext *vid = (BVID_DemuxContext *)s->priv_data;     // permanent data outside of function
> useless cast
fixed, though it's in almost all of the other codecs...do you want me
to clean it up, along with empty functions (in another patch)? It
probably wouldn't be too difficult with a regex.

> why not use  get_le16(pb); ?

> why 16bit ?
video delays are 16 bit, this is what you told me when you were
explaining the timestamp, no? If the int16 overflows, the pts should
continue to increment, not actually going to 0, right?

> audio has no width/height
fixed, sorry for the carelessness.

> wrong indention
fixed, though perhaps "inconsistent", not "wrong", it's a style preference.


> you cannot allocate the packet after setting its fields

> whats that good for?
changed to debug log



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