[Ffmpeg-devel] Intra-frame rate control

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Sat Apr 7 09:17:56 CEST 2007


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> On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 09:29:49PM -0700, RLopez wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> If avcodec.lib can only change Q values at picture boundaries for 
>> MPEG2 files that's a huge limitation.  The advantage of MPEG2 over 
>> MJPEG is the ability to change the Q in the middle of an image.  A 
>> common clip people use to show this off is a field of daisies under a 
>> blue sky.  The blue sky can be encoded well with a high Q value while 
>> the more complex field of daisies portion of the image can be encoded
with a lower Q value.

> libavcodec supports adapting QP based on spatial and or temporal
complexity of macroblocks, if you want to find > > out how then do as i said
and Read The Fine Manual

Can you point me to where the manual discusses this.  I looked through all
the manuals on the ffmpeg website and didn't see any mention of adaptive
spatial QP for MPEG2.

>> Another problem I'm seeing caused by avcodec.lib only changing Q 
>> values at picture boundaries is that the instantaneous bitrate of an 
>> encoded clip jumps around too much.  For example when a complex image 
>> follows several black frames the bitrate skyrockets because the rate 
>> controller lowered the Q during the black frames and doesn't readjust 
>> it until the end of the complex frame.  This problem is especially bad
when working with HD images.

> the RC algorithm can probably be improved, and patches together with
comparissions of patched vs old encoder are welcome

>> If I'm correct that avcodec.lib will only change Q values at picture 
>> boundaries, could someone point me to which files I could modify to 
>> change this?  I assume mpegvideo.c would be the main one.

> mpegvideo.c and ratecontrol.c are the files you should look at if you want
to play with the ratecontrol code

Thanks, I'll take a look at these 2 files.

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>> On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 02:56:24PM -0700, RLopez wrote:
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>> > I'm trying to use avcodec.lb to encode 1920x1080 frames in MPEG-2.  
>> > I've noticed that the Q value for all the slices in each encoded 
>> > frame is always constant.  Is this a limitation of avcodec.lib?  In 
>> > other words can the rate control only adjust Q values at picture 
>> > boundaries and not at slice boundaries?  Is there a setting 
>> > somewhere to allow the library to adjust the Q within a frame 
>> > instead of only at frame
>> boundaries.
>> RTFM, RTFS and use ffmpeg-user for user questions
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