[Ffmpeg-devel] THP decoder

Kislyakov Maxim spidy
Sat Apr 7 18:05:55 CEST 2007


Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> i cant find that part in the spec ...
for example this
    ".thp is a video format on the gamecube. The video frames are independent "quasi-jpegs",
    and if audio frames are present, they are in an adpcm format"
and this
    "Directly after the frame header FrameHeader.imageSize bytes video information follow.
    Directly after the video information, ThpAudioInfo.numData audio frames follow,
    each Frameheader.audioSize bytes large(only if the file contains
and this
    "A frame is made up of a frame header followed by a video frame
    followed by ThpAudioInfo.numData audio frames (only if the video contains sound)."

Also it shows that video component goes directly after frameheader


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