[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH/RFC] 1-7 and 9-15 bits per pixel PGM files

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Tue Apr 10 15:11:39 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> please understand that the code (yuv2rgb and many applications using libav)
>>> is working with native endian rgb32 and it does so because it is faster
>>> noone will rewrite applications to be slower or more complex that is use
>>> bytewise IO or convert non native endian to native endian ids just to get
>>> rid a a single line you dont like!
>> It is just a matter of changing pix_fmt value where it must be changed !
>> Or are you just trying to say that code using broken design must not be
>> changed ever because it works ? If so I clearly do not agree with that
>> philosophy.
> WHAT!? what design, pix_fmt, yuv2rgb, ????
> what change do you propose!? you never proposed anything just random
> generic unspecific flames

pix_fmt. See patch attached.

>>> also why dont you just remove the 4 lines and try to recompile? then start
>>> changeing the code and send a patch which can be tested if you are so certain
>>> this is a good idea ...
>>>> Also RGBA is clearly better that BGR32_1 !
>>> huh!? better in what respect, the number 3 is also better then 4
>>> thats no argument to remove 4 from mathematics (for i hope obvious reasons)
>> RGBA clearly should mean R, G, B, A stored into the FILE, like U, Y, V,
>> Y means, what are you trying to obfuscate here ?
> can you please stop this nonsense, you clearly dont know what you are talking
> about PIX_FMT_RGBA is R,G,B,A as stored in the file

RGBA is a define ! How can it be what is stored in the file ?

With that definition of pix_fmt you are sure that buf[0] is the specific
component you are looking for.

Then in swscale.c getContext you have #ifdef WORDS_BIGENDIAN, func =

It's up to the routine which interprets data with a cast as an arch
dependant type to deal with endianness IMHO.

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