[Ffmpeg-devel] GSoC'07 Slots Announced

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Apr 12 08:02:52 CEST 2007

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Congratulations to the 7 students selected to write FFmpeg code on 
> Google's dime this summer:
>   http://code.google.com/soc/ffmpeg/about.html
> Enjoy the rest of your respective semesters with the knowledge that the 
> summer will be no vacation. :)

I did some things I didn't mean to do, Google did some things they 
didn't mean to do, and to make a long story short, FFmpeg actually got 
one more GSoC slot. The above page is showing about 50 slots, so let me 
list the 8 projects briefly:

* RV40 Decoder/Kostya
* MKV Muxer/David Robert Conrad
* Video Filter API/Bobby B.
* E-AC3 Decoder/Bart
* J2K Codec/Kamil
* Dirac Codec/Marco
* DVB Muxer/Xiaohui
* QCELP Decoder/Reynaldo

The game is afoot.
	-Mike Melanson

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