[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem debugging due to cabac.h

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu Apr 12 17:16:54 CEST 2007


On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 08:29:54AM -0400, Jason Garrett-Glaser wrote:
> In the SVN trunk copy of cabac.h, the function on line 522 (an inline
> assembly function) requires what appears to be seven registers to
> compile; that is, without -fomit-frame-pointer, it cannot acquire
> enough registers to compile as written.

is the code under CONFIG_7REGS if not and it uses 7 regs that should be
changed (send patch)
does configure set CONFIG_7REGS even though 7 are not available, thats
a bug in configure and you can send a patch to fix it


> Thanks,
> Dark Shikari
> P.S. Is there a way to run ffplay remotely over SSH with the display
> of the video off (so as not to destroy the internet connection), but
> without turning off decoding of the video?  I.e. a way to profile
> playback remotely.  Sadly what I've been doing is running FFMPEG to
> decode H.264 video, encode it to HuffyUV (near zero CPU cost) and pipe
> it to /dev/null.  The profiling is pretty accurate, but it seems like
> a stupid workaround that is probably due to my lack of knowledge of

decode to rawvideo with ffmpeg


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