[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mjpeg cleanup and again interlaced fix

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sat Apr 14 18:08:46 CEST 2007


On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 02:36:07PM +0200, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
> > [...]
> >>> i think you know what you patch does and why and its not unreasonable to
> >>> expect you to explain this to me instead of asking me to go over a few 100
> >>> pages of manuals ...
> >> Of course I know, but Im quite exhausted feeling no trust whatsoever and
> >> always nitpicking, and I think Im not the only one developer feeling
> >> that.
> > 
> > i think steve lhomme feels similarely, at least he did in the past maybe 
> > you want to fork ffmpeg together with him
> > here code must pass review to reach svn, no matter how much
> > the author complains and feel unfairly treated, even if its true and he
> > is unfairly treated which i dont think so, just look at the SOC students
> > as example, they have resubmitted their patches many many times and didnt
> > complain, you submit the code once, pester me if i dont review it, ask me
> > to read a large manual instead of awnsering a question and you didnt
> > resubmit the patch without cosmetics at all
> And I think you really bad treated those SoC students, requesting for a
> simple cosmetic patch after you applied the patch, while you could do it
> yourself is clearly abusing. Laziness have become the main characteric
> around here.

why didnt you fix the indention after the students if you belive that its
not their job? also i said clearly on svn log that ill fix the indention if
the student doesnt. and i think ive done enough work reviewing their patches
often with only half or less of the comments taken care of

furthermore as you surely are aware i did very significant cleanup work
on the students code after it was commited, i dont remember a single commit
from you cleaning up any students code nor do i remember you reviewing much

> >> If you honestly think Im throwing garbage at you, then Im sorry
> >> because you have no idea about how much time I spend verifying cosmetics
> >> with svn diff, and taking care of explaining, now you never understand,
> >> what can I do ? Spend more time ? Well Im also doing a lot of things.
> > 
> > i dont know how much time you spend looking for cosmetics, what i know is
> > there are still cosmetics in the 3rd patch, also i dont know how much time
> > you spend explaining, fact is i dont understand the 3rd patch with the
> > comments, and you did point to the ODML spec and complain about my questions
> > being agressive instead of awsnering them
> If you don't know specs, you are not very well placed to maintain the
> code IMHO.

knowing the specs doesnt tell me the reasons behind your patch ...

> Because Im a MAINTAINER, and because Im being active, it's all about
> meritocracy.

i prefer democracy but thats off topic

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