[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mjpeg cleanup and again interlaced fix

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Sat Apr 14 18:34:04 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 02:36:07PM +0200, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
> [...]
>>> [...]
>>>>> i think you know what you patch does and why and its not unreasonable to
>>>>> expect you to explain this to me instead of asking me to go over a few 100
>>>>> pages of manuals ...
>>>> Of course I know, but Im quite exhausted feeling no trust whatsoever and
>>>> always nitpicking, and I think Im not the only one developer feeling
>>>> that.
>>> i think steve lhomme feels similarely, at least he did in the past maybe 
>>> you want to fork ffmpeg together with him
>>> here code must pass review to reach svn, no matter how much
>>> the author complains and feel unfairly treated, even if its true and he
>>> is unfairly treated which i dont think so, just look at the SOC students
>>> as example, they have resubmitted their patches many many times and didnt
>>> complain, you submit the code once, pester me if i dont review it, ask me
>>> to read a large manual instead of awnsering a question and you didnt
>>> resubmit the patch without cosmetics at all
>> And I think you really bad treated those SoC students, requesting for a
>> simple cosmetic patch after you applied the patch, while you could do it
>> yourself is clearly abusing. Laziness have become the main characteric
>> around here.
> why didnt you fix the indention after the students if you belive that its
> not their job? also i said clearly on svn log that ill fix the indention if
> the student doesnt. and i think ive done enough work reviewing their patches
> often with only half or less of the comments taken care of

You are off topic. I said that you bad treated soc students. All the
policy you applied on your own without asking other developpers (vote),
is just because you are lazy.

Anyway, I think fixing indentation is up to the commiter and/or
maintainer. You were commiter

IMHO reviewing and answering like if people were slaves is abusing.

I do not agree with that policy to seperate indentation when there is
functionnal changes in the same block, so that problem would not arise.

Now, you volunteer to review patches, feel free to stop reviewing, but
don't complain.

> furthermore as you surely are aware i did very significant cleanup work
> on the students code after it was commited, i dont remember a single commit
> from you cleaning up any students code nor do i remember you reviewing much

Im doing other things (dealing with bugs I have, mainly that you don't
want to fix, dealing with known problems in code I maintain, extending

I do review more than many people though.

> [...]
>>>> If you honestly think Im throwing garbage at you, then Im sorry
>>>> because you have no idea about how much time I spend verifying cosmetics
>>>> with svn diff, and taking care of explaining, now you never understand,
>>>> what can I do ? Spend more time ? Well Im also doing a lot of things.
>>> i dont know how much time you spend looking for cosmetics, what i know is
>>> there are still cosmetics in the 3rd patch, also i dont know how much time
>>> you spend explaining, fact is i dont understand the 3rd patch with the
>>> comments, and you did point to the ODML spec and complain about my questions
>>> being agressive instead of awsnering them
>> If you don't know specs, you are not very well placed to maintain the
>> code IMHO.
> knowing the specs doesnt tell me the reasons behind your patch ...
> [...]
>> Because Im a MAINTAINER, and because Im being active, it's all about
>> meritocracy.
> i prefer democracy but thats off topic

Nice, I think you are applying a tyranny here and I bet Im not the only
one thinking that.

Even when you get remarks you ignore them (broke --enable-debug with
h264), alloc_codec_context2, and I did complain and wanted a per codec
design, you still applied it. You deprecate things AT WILL without
asking anybody else. You choose to switch API at will without asking
other developpers. Are you calling that democracy ? Commiting and then
waiting for someone to disagree is not democracy.

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