[Ffmpeg-devel] Baptiste

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Sun Apr 15 18:48:00 CEST 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi Baptiste
> iam asking you officially as ffmpeg maintainer to stop trolling and
> wasting our time with your random and unrelated comments to so many
> mails

I don't think Im trolling nor flaming, Im exposing arguments and discussing.

> if you dont i will ban you off the list

I don't think that's a reasonable and fair solution.

> i have no problem with constructive comments but nothing you wrote in
> the last few days falls in this category,

IMHO it does. I think discussing is always a good thing, and constructive.

> you rather submit broken patches
> and when i point at problems or ask questions you go insane 
> and start trolling and flaming, ive yesterday in hope that it would 
> solve our problems reimplemented the broken patches you submitted 
> and fixed the bugs you complained about which was many hours of work

About latest patches:

One was applied.

One contained an issue, I did not see it, and you mentioned it after a
long discussion, and I recognized that was justified.

One simplified interlaced handling in my opinion, and was not broken.

I think it is better to have ByteIOContext position at the end of the
file after av_write_trailer, I respect your decision to not follow that
behaviour, but please respect mine.

DV timecode patches are not broken. They are justified for my use of
ffmpeg, now if you don't want them, it is your decision and I respect
it, but I still want to discuss and argue.

> but it didnt help, you continue the same childish game now with the
> dv timecode patch and the drop timecode flag

I don't think discussing and exposing arguments is a childish game.

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