[Ffmpeg-devel] qt-faststart.c

Emanuele Fumagalli emanuele.fumagalli
Wed Apr 18 11:56:13 CEST 2007

> define "x264 encoded" ? that's supposedly only the codec, not the file
> format (or is it raw ?).
> AFAIK it should work on any qt file regardless of the a/v encoding.

I just use x264 2 pass encoding, generate a .264 thaw wil be muxed with 
Mp4box with an extracted aac track.
Is maybe the muxing where I can set the header position?
When I read different files encoded this way (the source file before 
encoding can be any format) with libavcodec and try to open with 
av_open_input_file and av_find_stream_info some of them require reading a 
position in the file which is not at the beginning, found the header open 
and then playing regularly.
But in my case I need to stream a file like that and that could be a 
problem, so I just need the header at the beginning.

thanks for any help


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