[Ffmpeg-devel] PATCH: Blackfin Accelerated CSC ( ColorSpace Converter )

Robin Getz rgetz
Mon Apr 30 15:46:42 CEST 2007

On Thu 26 Apr 2007 08:52, Marc Hoffman pondered:
> Marc Hoffman writes:
>  > Please review, and let me know how this is comming along?
> Couple of small changes, fall back support for handling no more L1
> available.  internal local lables changed to start with L or .L.
> Please review.

Just looking on the way back from China...

+int bfin_yuv420_bgr555 

+int bfin_yuv420_rgb555

+int bfin_yuv420_rgb24


Since these just seem to be called from one place, 

+SwsFunc ff_bfin_yuv2rgb_get_func_ptr (SwsContext *c)
+    SwsFunc f = 0;
+    switch(c->dstFormat) {
+    case PIX_FMT_RGB555: f = bfin_yuv420_rgb555; break;
+    case PIX_FMT_BGR555: f = bfin_yuv420_bgr555; break;
+    case PIX_FMT_RGB565: f = bfin_yuv420_rgb565; break;
+    case PIX_FMT_BGR565: f = bfin_yuv420_bgr565; break;
+    case PIX_FMT_RGB24:  f = bfin_yuv420_rgb24;  break;
+    case PIX_FMT_BGR24:  f = bfin_yuv420_bgr24;  break;
+    }

Maybe it makes sense to declare them as "always inline" ? It might save a few 
cycles (5 for the jump, 5 for the return).

What are these for? I didn't see them used?

+#define mL1 .l1.text
+#define mL3 .text
+#define MEM mL1

This is a style thing, that I normally don't care about - I am not sure what 
they ffmpeg folks think - C++ comments in assembly files is normally frowned 

+        p2 = [fp+20];    // out
+        r3 = [fp+20+4];  // dW

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