[FFmpeg-devel] Mpeg1-Layer3 writing to MP4 container broken?

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Wed Dec 19 15:44:26 CET 2007


Thorsten Jordan wrote:
> Thorsten Jordan schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> There is an issue with mp3-audio to mp4-container writing.
>> i spent several hours in debugging my application where mp3 data is
>> written to a mp4 container, together with video. Audio output is
>> stuttering, broken, and runs out long before video ends.
> one more information if that helps...
> the player that fails is mplayer (not-so-recent-debian-version), recent
> ffplay can play the file.
> Is some non-standard extension used here?
> any hints here would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Well mp3 in .mp4 is not really standardized except as MP3on4 which is
not supported, or maybe using object type 0x6B in 'esds' dunno if
quicktime plays them though (patch welcome), ffplay will for sure.

Just use .mov, FFmpeg creates .mov files with mp3 perfectly playbable by
quicktime player, ffplay and even latest flash plugin .115

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