[FFmpeg-devel] Detecting the size of a video before encoding it...

The Wanderer inverseparadox
Fri Dec 21 12:46:27 CET 2007

Ferran Gil wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm encoding lots of videos for a website, using Drupal, and I'm
> encoding each video to the original resolution (then, the flash
> player fits the video...)
> The problem is that I want to use the -s param just when the original
> video size is, lets say, 1280 pixels, but not when it's 320x240....
> The idea is to just change the resolution for the really big videos,
> like limiting the video size to 848 or 720 px...
> I'm not sure if it's the correct mailing list.

It isn't. This list is for development of FFmpeg; your question is about
use of FFmpeg.

Please repost on ffmpeg-user.

       The Wanderer

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