[FFmpeg-devel] cuda

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Thu Dec 27 22:57:01 CET 2007

Anatoliy wrote:

> As I have seen after code researching there is one big structure 
> DSPContext containing all available methods for DSP optimization. There 
> are too much methods. Which of them mostly important for codec time 
> optimization?

dsputil works this way, you have an init function that happens to be
called (that part should be organized a bit soon) and that overrides the
default C function with your optimized function.

those function will be called in any codec using them so you just have
to pick which function you want to write first and make sure it doesn't
have any particular coupling forcing you to implement also others in
order to have the expected result (certain function ask for transposed
input and mixing and matching them with the C implementation may lead to
unespected results IIRC.)

the /ppc directory has the function grouped in files with more or less
self explaining names while the /i386 has an almost complete coverage of
functions if you want to see them implemented.



Luca Barbato
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