[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] rtsp - alternate protocol

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Sat Dec 29 12:19:12 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> heres a attempt to fix it (completely untested, theres a good chance it
> contains trivial mistakes but ill comit it if noone points at a problem
> soon *g*)
> @@ -2941,7 +2941,7 @@
>                 char *path, int path_size,
>                 const char *url)
>  {
> -    const char *p, *ls, *at, *col, *brk, *q;
> +    const char *p, *ls, *at, *col, *brk;

I did some tests with various url_split() versions and with current svn 
+ your patch, and it seems to me that your patch fixes almost all the 
testcases. I only found a case about which I am not sure: the URL 
rtp://localhost?localport=5000 gives ?localport=5000 as path. I suspect 
this is wrong (?localport=5000 should be the path for 
rtp://localhost/?localport=5000, right?).

The attached patch tries to fix this case (assuming that it is a bug), 
and does not seem to break anything. But looking at url_split()'s 
history, I cannot claim that this patch does not introduce any regression...
I hope my change is correct, but I'd like to hear other people's 
opinions too...

I also attach an interdiff between your original patch and my updated one.

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