[Ffmpeg-devel] PAFF, revisited

Mate SOOS msoos
Mon Feb 5 16:28:20 CET 2007


This is my first posting here. I am writing because I, and some others 
too, need the PAFF inside the H.264 - the reason is simple: we would 
like to watch TV. I don't think that waiting util the codec is threaded 
is important, since IPTV does not need a good CPU to decode  - if PAFF 
is not used on the stream, my CPU usage is like 30% and I use an ancient 
Centrino 1.4Ghz (back then, people were not even dreaming of dual-core).

I am in France, using France Telecom's Livebox, but, this is not 
isolated. BBC HD is broadcast with PAFF. German companies  
seem to be using it too. So, please, if it is not a huge effort, try to 
develop it into the codec. I actually had a look at the code, but it's 
just too complex, no luck :(. Maybe somebody could give me a lead on it? 
It's kind of a shame that I can't watch my TV :(

Thanks in advance,

Mate Soos

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