[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Can not play a YUV file using ffplay

Bo Liu platinum.liu
Sat Feb 10 17:38:59 CET 2007


What "newest version" are you talking about"?
> 0.4.9? That's the latest released version, yes, but it's also truly
> ancient and is not supported here.
> dev-SVN-r7898 or earlier? That's not a recent enough development
> version, the fix was committed to the SVN tree in r7899 at 8:24 AM
> yesterday. (When a developer replies to a problem report with "fixed",
> he means that "a fix for this problem has now been committed to the SVN
> source tree".)
> Any other kind of version number? You're almost certainly using a
> packaged version, provided by some third party; such packages are not
> supported here, and naturally the Very Latest bugfixes made by the
> developers do not immediately go into such packages.

Thank you so much for the details. I am gonna try the latest development
version. Acutally I don't know exactly what version I'm using now:). I
copied it from someone else and that guy said it was the latest... Maybe
it's a packaged version...

I've also got another question, can I use ffplay to decode h.264 file and
play it immediately?
for instance:
./ffplay -f h264 test.264   (suppose the file name is 'test.264' here)
I tried to do this but failed...

> (Also, please learn to snip - specifically, .sigs.)

My native language is not English...a little confused by this sentence...

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