[Ffmpeg-devel] HTTP probing issue... [PATCH]

François Revol revol
Wed Feb 28 22:58:46 CET 2007

> Now, this is obviously too crazy to be considered for integration,  
> but could it be considered to just drop this whole AVERROR_*? errno.h  
> stuff is internationalized (strerror()), available everywhere,  
> contains many more useful error codes and is generally used in many  
> places that should (according to the API) be using AVERROR_* already  
> anyway. A HTTP error code -> errno.h conversion mapping shouldn't be  
> all too hard, at least for the relevant ones (4xx and server 
> exeptions).

As I said in my previous quick reply, you *do* can use strerror() on 
those now.

Fact is nearly no av function actually returned those AVERROR_ values 
but instead -EFOO (one of the posix errors) or sometimes -1.

A side effect of the BeOS fix I did for error handling is all errors 
are now valid posix errors (just always negative), which you can get 
back with AVUNERROR().
And AVERROR_* are just defined to some of those for compatibility 
reason to not break code using them.

So again, just use AVUNERROR() and pass the result to strerror().

Hopes that clarifies it.


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