[FFmpeg-devel] new filter infastructure stuff (Google Summer of Fun)

mark cox melbournemark+ffmpeg
Tue Jun 5 06:07:59 CEST 2007

> 2 options:
> > A. get the authors  from the svn logs and email them to ask if they will
> > relicence as lgpl.
> > B. ffmpeg does not exclude gpl code. Include the code as is. with a
> libaf
> > configure option.
> A is a pain, I guess B is the better option.  I'm thinking to put a
> small wrapper in ffmpeg to handle option 'B' would be easiest approach.  I
> don't think I would include dec_audio.c from libmpcodecs but a new
> simplified mechanism which just envoked the filter chain itself.

A is not as diffcult as you may think. Probably only four or five developers
touched that code.

  oafd = af_play (audio_filter_chain, iafd);

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