[FFmpeg-devel] Documentation: ffserver.conf files

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Wed Jun 6 12:06:17 CEST 2007


> --- Piero Bugoni wrote:
> > I suggested these a while back.
> > 
> > It has taken me a while to test them, but they all
> > seem to work.
> > 
> > Attached is a tarfile with ffserver.conf files, and
> > a
> > tarfile with some minimal html to work with it.
> > 
> > Time for Feedback.

I don't use ffserver (though your docs may change that!) so my feedback
is mostly nitpicks:

In general:
a) I'm not sure if the usual FFmpeg license should appear in 
configuration files.
b) The files should be submitted as an "svn diff" patch.

I feel also missing a patch to ffserver-doc.texi to mention there are several
example html/ffserver.conf files available.

On ffserver.conf-1cam-flv:

># ffserver and ffmpeg run on same machine with 
># apache webserver.   

Trailing spaces, there are more cases in this file and the others.
Apache, here and in the other files.
grep '  ' ffserver.conf* shows a few cases of two spaces 
(not counting the legitimate needed for aligning), instead of one.

>VideoBufferSize 32         # Adjust in conjunction with q and bitrate ...

The hash could be aligned with the others.

># Works with both firefox and IE. 

I'd use "Firefox and Internet Explorer", here and in the other files.

># make sure to match the settings in this file with those on the command line.


>VideoSize 352x288           # cif size


># Flash Player has a limit of 16,500 frames
># when using a browser refresh the viewing 
># page periodically

I would say:

# Flash Player has a limit of 16,500 frames.
# When using a browser please refresh the viewing 
# page periodically.

># How does adjusting these options from defaults affect stream/quality 
># IntraOnly
># VideoGOPSize

I find this sentence confusing (I'm not a native English speaker, though)
Maybe you should add:

# Explain how does adjusting these options from defaults affect stream/quality.
# IntraOnly
# VideoGOPSize

This also appears in some other of your conf files.

On ffserver.conf-3cam-adsl-flv:

>This file should work as-is, except that the 

Missing # at beginning of line

># cif size 


On ffserver.conf-swf:

># Uses Flash Player, works wtih IE, and Firefox.

with. Or maybe the whole line could be removed, as same
thing is said in header.

># but Image size and quality 
># Reduced for bandwidth. The client side 

# but image size and quality 
# reduced for bandwidth. The client side 

On ffserver.conf-swf-flv

>VideoBufferSize 128      # adsjust with bitrate, and q.


>VideoSize 352x288        # cif size


Regards & thanks for your contribution,


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