[FFmpeg-devel] Large set of patches for build fixes and Solaris compatibility

Albert Lee trisk+xine
Wed Jun 13 23:09:05 CEST 2007


These patches are changes I've needed to make to build and run 
xine-lib on Solaris Express. They include changes to the build system and 
bug fixes to parts of xine-lib. A number of them apply to the 
libavcodec component from ffmpeg. Many of them just fix compiler warnings.

In the interest of not having 25+ attachments to this email, they 
are in a tarball.

Also available at:

List of patches and changes:

xine-libavcodec-imgconvert-pointer-cast.patch - Fix compiler warning.
xine-libavcodec-mjpeg-pointer-cast.patch - Fix compiler warning.
xine-dmx-flac-pointer-arithmetic.patch - Fix compiler warning.
xine-dmx-realaudio-return-length.patch - Better approximation than 0 here.
xine-libxinevdec-decoder-info-fixes.patch - Fix warnings, also xineadec.
xine-libavcodec-utils-prototype.patch - Add missing prototype.
xine-libavcodec-vc1dsp-prototype.patch - Add missing prototype.
xine-libvcd-missing-prototype.patch - Add missing prototype.
xine-libdvdnav-solaris-bswap.patch - Support Solaris byteorder.h macros.
xine-message-explanation-should-be-const.patch - Fix compiler warning.
xine-media-umount-not-needed-on-solaris.patch - Remove unused function.
xine-osd-misc-type-fixes.patch - Fix bug in osd_iconv_getunicode args.
xine-x11osd-avoid-name-collision.patch - Don't redefine TRANSPARENT.
xine-libcdio-logv-add-format-attribute.patch - Add printf format.
xine-libvcd-logv-add-format-attribute.patch - Add printf format.
xine-input-vcd-add-format-attribute.patch - Add printf format.
xine-w32dll-sun-as.patch - Support compiling w32dll with Sun as.
xine-video-out-pgx-needs-dga-headers.patch - pgx32/64 need SUNDGA_CFLAGS.
xine-libavcodec-dsputil-mmx-cleanup.patch - Fix lots of warnings.
xine-libavcodec-dsputil-mlib-build-fixes.patch - Fix building with MLib.
xine-libavcodec-dsputil-misc.patch - Fix more warnings.
xine-input-dvb-avoid-name-conflict.patch - Don't redefine NOPID.
xine-bswap-macros-avoid-name-conflicts.patch - Don't redefine BE_16/32.
xine-libavcodec-dsputil-init-only-once.patch - Fix multiple init call.
xine-libavcodec-mpegvideo-init-only-once.patch - Fix multiple init call.
xine-video-out-yuv2rgb-no-mlib-if-mmx.patch - MLib conflicts with MMX.

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