[FFmpeg-devel] matching up SVN rev with ffmpeg version [was Welcome to the "ffmpeg-devel" mailing list]

Stephan Assmus superstippi
Sat Jun 23 15:00:01 CEST 2007

The Wanderer wrote (2007-06-23, 13:51:29 [+0200]):
> Stephan Assmus wrote:
> >>> is there an easy way to match a specific SVN revision of ffmpeg
> >>> with a specific ffmpeg version? I need to get a hold of the code
> >>> to
> >>> 
> >>> FFmpeg0.4.9-pre1b4752
> >> 
> >> I've never heard of such a version.  Do you have a precompiled
> >> FFmpeg reporting itself as that version?
> > 
> > Yes.
> > 
> >> If yes, ask whomever you got it from for the source code.
> > 
> > That's the problem, the person has since updated his code.
> And he doesn't remember how he decided what name to give the version he
> released?

He didn't decide that, it's just the way versioning in libavcodec worked at 
the time.

> > I guess I will try my binary search svn checkout idea... :-\
> Better idea: try reading the version name. '0.4.9pre1' is an actual
> released FFmpeg version; it corresponds, according to the Changelog and
> 'svn annotate', to revision 3298. 4752 is after that, so I would think
> it very likely that it is the revision from which this was built.
> (Although, given that the source was modified to change the version
> number, there is no absolute guarantee that other changes were not made
> at the same time.)

No sorry, you are mistaken, 4752 is not the revision number. This was of 
course the first thing I tried. Arround the time that 0.4.9pre1 was 
released, the avcodec.h file contained such a number:

#define FFMPEG_VERSION_INT     0x000409
#define FFMPEG_VERSION         "0.4.9-pre1"
#define LIBAVCODEC_BUILD       4732

This is from an avcodec.h that I found on my harddrive. It turned out I 
could use this version of libavcodec after all. Seems it is close enough to 
4752. So consider my problem solved.

Later btw, the way by which version information was imprinted on the build 
was changed.

> (As a side note: this is really a user question, not a development
> question, unless the reason you want the source for the earlier version
> is e.g. to figure out how to adapt the latest version to do something
> which FFmpeg once did but has stopped doing. As such, it belongs on the
> -user list.)

Sorry for having mistakenly thought that my question was most likely to be 
fitting for this list.

Anyways, I think I have something whith which I can work... thanks for your 

Best regards,

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