[FFmpeg-devel] configure problem with leopard preview (darwin 9)

Sandro Cavazzoni s.cavazzoni
Mon Jun 25 11:10:17 CEST 2007

Hi to all,
I'm trying to compile ffmpeg on the latest Mac OSX Leopard Preview  
(darwin kernel 9).
I think there's a bug in the configure script for this new darwin  
based system.

This is my linker output:

gcc -dynamiclib -Wl,-single_module -Wl,-install_name,/usr/local/lib/ 
-Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress -Wl,-dynamic,-search_paths_first  - 
rdynamic -o libavcodec.51.dylib bitstream.o utils.o allcodecs.o  
mpegvideo.o jrevdct.o jfdctfst.o jfdctint.o resample.o resample2.o  
dsputil.o motion_est.o imgconvert.o mpeg12.o simple_idct.o  
ratecontrol.o eval.o error_resilience.o raw.o faandct.o parser.o  
rangecoder.o h263.o opt.o bitstream_filter.o audioconvert.o  
imgresample.o i386/fdct_mmx.o i386/cputest.o i386/dsputil_mmx.o i386/ 
mpegvideo_mmx.o i386/motion_est_mmx.o i386/simple_idct_mmx.o i386/ 
idct_mmx_xvid.o i386/fft_sse.o i386/fft_3dn.o i386/fft_3dn2.o aasc.o  
ac3enc.o ac3tab.o ac3.o alac.o asv1.o atrac3.o mdct.o fft.o avs.o  
bethsoftvideo.o bmp.o bmpenc.o c93.o cavs.o cavsdsp.o golomb.o  
cinepak.o cljr.o cook.o cscd.o cyuv.o dca.o dnxhddec.o dsicinav.o  
dvbsubdec.o dvbsub.o dvdsubdec.o dvdsubenc.o dv.o dxa.o 8bps.o ffv1.o  
huffyuv.o flac.o flacenc.o flashsv.o flashsvenc.o flicvideo.o 4xm.o  
fraps.o gifdec.o lzw.o gif.o h261dec.o h261.o h261enc.o h263dec.o  
h264.o h264idct.o cabac.o idcinvideo.o imc.o indeo2.o indeo3.o  
interplayvideo.o dpcm.o jpeglsdec.o jpegls.o mjpegdec.o mjpeg.o  
jpeglsenc.o kmvc.o ljpegenc.o mjpegenc.o loco.o mace.o mjpegbdec.o  
mmvideo.o mpegaudiodec.o mpegaudiodecheader.o mpegaudio.o  
mpegaudiodata.o mpegaudioenc.o mpc.o msmpeg4.o msmpeg4data.o msrle.o  
msvideo1.o lcl.o nuv.o rtjpeg.o pnmenc.o pnm.o png.o ptx.o qdm2.o  
qdrw.o qpeg.o qtrle.o ra144.o ra288.o roqvideodec.o roqvideo.o  
roqaudioenc.o rpza.o rv10.o sgidec.o sgienc.o rle.o shorten.o  
smacker.o smc.o snow.o sonic.o sp5xdec.o svq1.o targa.o targaenc.o  
vp3.o xiph.o vp3dsp.o tiertexseqv.o tiff.o tiffenc.o lzwenc.o  
truemotion1.o truemotion2.o truespeech.o tscc.o tta.o txd.o s3tc.o  
ulti.o vc1.o vc1data.o vc1dsp.o vcr1.o vmdav.o vmnc.o vorbis_dec.o  
vorbis.o vorbis_data.o vorbis_enc.o vp5.o vp56.o vp56data.o vp6.o  
vqavideo.o wavpack.o wmadec.o wma.o wmaenc.o wnv1.o ws-snd1.o xan.o  
xl.o zmbv.o zmbvenc.o pcm.o adpcm.o adx.o g726.o aac_parser.o  
aac_ac3_parser.o ac3_parser.o cavs_parser.o dca_parser.o  
dvbsub_parser.o dvdsub_parser.o h261_parser.o h263_parser.o  
h264_parser.o mjpeg_parser.o mpeg4video_parser.o mpegaudio_parser.o  
mpegvideo_parser.o pnm_parser.o vc1_parser.o dump_extradata_bsf.o  
remove_extradata_bsf.o noise_bsf.o mp3_header_compress_bsf.o  
mp3_header_decompress_bsf.o mjpega_dump_header_bsf.o  
imx_dump_header_bsf.o pthread.o i386/cavsdsp_mmx.o i386/snowdsp_mmx.o  
i386/vp3dsp_mmx.o i386/vp3dsp_sse2.o -L"/Users/skaman/ffmpeg"/ 
libavutil -lavutil -lz
i686-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1: unrecognized option '-rdynamic'
ld64 warning: codegen in _sad8_xy2_mmx2 (offset 0x0000001B) prevents  
image from loading in dyld shared cache
ld64 warning: codegen in _sad16_xy2_mmx2 (offset 0x0000002C) prevents  
image from loading in dyld shared cache
ld64 warning: codegen in _sad16_xy2_mmx2 (offset 0x00000084) prevents  
image from loading in dyld shared cache
ld64-74.4 failed: absolute addressing (perhaps -mdynamic-no-pic) used  
in _avg_qpel8_mc20_mmx2 from i386/dsputil_mmx.o not allowed in  
slidable image
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [libavcodec.51.dylib] Error 1
make: *** [lib] Error 2

I tried to edit the configure and manually remove all reference to  
mdynamic-no-pic compiler features.. without success.

Someone have any idea?

Thank you


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