[FFmpeg-devel] Color corruption and seeking errors with H264 disc sources

infernix infernix
Tue Jun 26 20:48:03 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I've gathered a few samples which show problems with todays ffmpeg and 
mplayer SVN. I have uploaded these to 
upload.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/incoming/ffh264_issues/ and they are also 
available at http://dx.infernix.net/ffh264/

- ffh264_issue1.m2ts and 2 are cut from a Bluray disc and exhibit red 
and green colors in horizontal bands where they really should not. 
Strangely enough, this occurs and ends on scene changes. Note that the 
first few frames are corrupted due to it being a raw cut. I've 
illustrated this problem here: 
http://dx.infernix.net/ffh264/ffh264_issue1.png and this is reproducable 
with ffplay and mplayer.

- ffh264_issue3.h264 gives greenish/purpleish colors in the skyline that 
change every ~2 seconds. This is also incorrect and might be related to 
the problem above. This is cut from a demuxed H264 stream off of a HDDVD 

- ffh264_issue4.h264 gives a black block at about the 80th frame. This 
file also gives seeking errors with ffplay and crashes mplayer when 
seeking, but that might be unavoidable and unrelated.

All of the issues are tested with a 64bit build of ffmpeg and mplayer 
svn. All the color issues also exist in a 32bits svn mplayer build dated 
20060117, but seeking in issue3 and issue4 does not crash this older 
build; it does give corrupted frames when seeking, though. I therefore 
don't think that the recent changes for parallelization are related to 
the color problem. I'm not sure about the seeking issue.

I would like to ask if someone can take a look at these issues and see 
what the problem is, and whether if it can be fixed. :)

Thanks in advance!



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