[FFmpeg-devel] qt-faststart

double ninive
Wed May 2 19:33:10 CEST 2007


If I compile qt-faststart ("gcc qt-faststart.c -o qt-faststart"), the
compiled software crashes, because "qt-faststart" allocates
memory in an infinite loop.

The problem is the "ftello" function. The second parameter is
always taken to be "0". If I cast the second argument to "off_t",
everything is fine.

Problem:     fseeko(infile, atom_size - ATOM_PREAMBLE_SIZE, SEEK_CUR);
Fine:       fseeko(infile, (off_t)(atom_size - ATOM_PREAMBLE_SIZE), 

OS: Debian 3.1, packages taken from Ubuntu dapper. Processor: AMD

Is there a reasonable explanation?

Thx a lot
Markus Doppelbauer

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