[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add rtsp options support ( added option)

Alex Beregszaszi alex
Thu May 17 12:34:22 CEST 2007


> > > This patch allows the use rtsp options. This patch does not add
> > > options but just create the possibility to add options like in the udp
> > > protocol (ip:port?options)
> > > Possible options (to be implemented in the future) are:
> >
> > summary this patch adds no feature but it makes the code more complex
> > after someone submits patches which add options this could be reconsidered
> Ok,
> I added the first options for rtsp. Now, you can select via an option
> which transport method needs to be used. ('udp','multicast' or 'tcp').

I'm in favor of this change if finally we can remove that nasty global
rtsp_default_protocols variable.

Please have a look at ffmpeg.c/ffplay.c/ffserver.c and usage of that

Alex Beregszaszi

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