[FFmpeg-devel] [Ffmpeg-user] AVC: nal size 20453550

Hassan Adeel hadeel
Thu Nov 1 13:22:36 CET 2007

  okz ..when i run myFFmpeg code then i  got following ouput..

[h264 @ 0x2574430]AVC: nal size 13147644
frame No: 1
[h264 @ 0x2574430]AVC: nal size 20453550
[h264 @ 0x2574430]AVC: nal size 19011758
[h264 @ 0x2574430]no frame!
Frames End while write_output
frame No: 2

i got i,2 frames from the output flv but i cant understand the error plus
how can i resolve it.

> On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 11:19:08PM -0700, Hassan Adeel wrote:
>> Hi, whats the difference between h263 and h264,
> h263 is essentially the same thing as mpeg4 asp, what ffmpeg calls
> plain "mpeg4", the same format used by xvid, divx4+, and many other
> popular implementations. officially they're not quite the same, and
> each (h263 vs mpeg4 asp) has some minor features that the other lacks.
> h264 is mpeg4 avc, a heap of relatively-high-cost micro-improvements
> piled on top of mpeg4 which, taken all together, can give something
> like a 30% improvement in overall compression (maybe more on
> pathological content) at a computational cost of something like 300%.
> the improvements include things like complex trees of bidirectionally
> predicted frames, new macroblock encoding modes, cabac encoding for
> the bitstream, bit-exact specifications for the dct and motion
> algorithms, etc.
>> becoz i have a .3gp with
>> h264 codecs thats not going to be converted, but other 3gps with h.263
>> are
>> working, ffmpeg command line  converting both video but i can't do it
>> with
>> my own written code.
>> I want to know whats codecs parameters should be used for h264 ( those
>> are
>> different from h263), during decoding??
> for decoding, any modern version of ffmpeg supports both. there may be
> some h264 features that aren't yet supported though.
>> Note: during conversion of .3gp with h.264 i am unable to get "picture"
>> even for a single frame.
> strange...
> rich
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