[FFmpeg-devel] About video quality

Mine mine260309
Mon Nov 5 08:45:50 CET 2007

Hi All,
    I'm developing a media player using ffmpeg & SDL. Now it works, but the
quality of the video looks not very good.
    I compared my player with MPlayer, and find that my player's video looks
more gray (or white). As I know MPlayer is also using ffmpeg to decode the
video files. I don't know why I get more poor quality than MPlayer.
    Is there any functions to adjust the quality of video, e.g. make it
brighter, sharper, or something like that? I find a function sws_scale and
its related structures SwsContext & SwsFilter may do this, but I'm not sure.
I also don't how to set the SwsFilter to adjust the video if I'm right.
    Could you help on this?

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