[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] IPv6 support v.2

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Wed Nov 7 19:35:24 CET 2007

Le septidi 17 brumaire, an CCXVI, Luca Abeni a ?crit?:
> This is what currently happens, I hope. CONFIG_IPV6 is enabled by default,
> and I think we fixed the big problems with it so people should have no
> reason to use --disable-ipv6.

I think that too.

> > - Simply drop the IPv4-only code.
> > 
> > - If people complain that ffmpeg does not build anymore on their old
> >   operating system, write a limited implementation of getaddrinfo.
> As I said, I do not like this idea too much, and I'd prefer to arrive to
> this result by committing small patches.

Then the opposite order could be ok:

- Implement a version of getaddrinfo and getnameinfo suitable for ffmppeg's

- Drop the IPv4-only code.

This would require a separate test for the IPv6 multicast structures and

> I am not sure if network-related code would be accepted in libavutil.
> And I do not see why moving it from libavformat to libavutil would
> change anything ;-)

In fact, I missed the point: all code in ffmpeg that uses the network do so
by creating an udp: or tcp: URL. The code is already separated and grouped
all in the same place.

> Anyway, as I wrote in the previous email these are just my personal
> opinions; if someone else volunteers to take care of properly
> integrating the IPv6 patches, I will be very happy to leave this
> task to him/her.

I just looked at Ronald's code, and I am wondering about his
inetaddr_resolve function: as far as I can see, it does exactly the same as
getaddrinfo, only with a different API. Is it so?

If it is, why not keep the getaddrinfo API? This would make less code, and
in particular, no extra code at all in the good case (= modern
standard-compliant OS).


  Nicolas George

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