[FFmpeg-devel] Reducing time spent in av_find_stream_info()

Diego Santa Cruz Diego.SantaCruz
Tue Nov 13 16:01:56 CET 2007

> > For video streams there is still a good deal of time spent updating
duration_error, due to the lack
> of FPU and the large amount of standard timebases tested when updating
duration_error. Is it really
> necessary to have all those standard time bases? There are currently
725. As far as I understand all
> frame rates between 1/1001 and 60/1001, in steps of 1/12, are
included. Can this be reduced to a
> (much) more reduced set so that it does not take that much time to
compute duration_error? As this
> code affects all file formats and broken files I do not know all the
implications by far...
> its surely possible to remove some of frame rates, but the code must
be clean
> if its more complex than currently then it likely will be rejected
> also the floats could be chnaged to integers
> and there are likely many optimizations possible, ive not expected
this code
> to matter speedwise at all

I see, any hints about which framerates should be kept? I will try also
to reduce the complexity of the calculations.

> reindentions must be in seperate patches from functional changes (see
> docs on ffmpeg.org)

Ooops, sorry. Please see attached patches, first one is the actual
change, second one reindents the code to make it prettier.


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