[FFmpeg-devel] higher-level libs?

David McNab rebirth
Tue Nov 20 06:27:04 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 07:40 -0700, Fred Rothganger wrote:
> I developed a C++ wrapper around FFMPEG to support my thesis work.  It 
> is not a complete mutli-media framework; all it does is read and write 
> image frames.

That's plenty enough for me.

> If you are interested, I can send you the library.

Please do.

> I'm interested in looking into FOBS, if for no other reason than to 
> steal some interface ideas!

I found some problems with FOBS. The Decoder class decodes just fine,
but the Encoder class generates crap no matter what I do, and the
packaged code doesn't offer enough examples to show a way around it

The features I'm needing in an FFMPEG interface library are:

 - open a video file of any format quickly and easily (without spending
   hundreds of lines of code messing about with lower-level issues)
 - read a frame and:
     - extract the video raw data, preferably as planar YUVA 4:4:4 but
       RGB would suffice
     - extract the audio raw data
 - open an output file, and set the encoding options with a maximum
   of simple abstraction and a minimum of fuss
 - write a frame, give raw video and audio data
 - for file formats that support it (eg DV), seek to arbitrary positions
   in the file

If your library does this, I'll be in your debt.


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