[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC/PATCH] matroska timestamps not always pts

elupus elupus
Tue Nov 20 23:28:46 CET 2007

"elupus" <elupus at ecce.se> wrote in message 
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> Hi,
> Apperently the timestamps stored in matroska container can mean different
> things. For native tracks they normally mean pts, while for others this
> isn't always the case.
> The case i'm trying to nail here is the ms compatibility case. In this 
> case,
> timestamps should correspond to the frame numbers in avi. This patch makes
> demuxer only set the correct timestamp (dts/pts) in the packet.
> Sadly ffmpeg still fills in the pts of the packet with the same value as 
> dts
> somewhere later in utils.c i'd expect. Atleast this is the case for the
> mpeg4 video's i've tested. I think this could be due to mpeg4 parser not
> setting has_b_frames, but i'm not entirely sure.
> Oh, and the patch probably doesn't apply cleanly, had to manually remove
> some hunks that was unrelated. Just want to know if something along the
> lines of this would be accepted
> Regards
> /Joakim

Updated patch to current svn, still some offsets different due to hunks 
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